Flappy Bird Cheats, Hacks, and Tips

Flappy Bird cheats, answers and hacks to help you best your high score of this arcade-style game.

Flappy Bird is the newest game craze and it is taking the internet by storm! This chart toping app, developed by .Gear studios, is available for Android and all iOS devices, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Flappy Bird has had millions of downloads and over 500,000 reviews in the iTunes app store! Even though the gameplay is fairly simple in Flappy Bird, it’s completely addictive!

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flappy bird cheats and hacks


This 8-bit graphics game is reminiscent of old school Super Mario except you’ll be playing on your smartphone device instead of a controller! The premise of Flappy Bird is easy, using your finger to help Flappy fly and land him on the pipe platforms. For every platform Flappy lands on, you get 1 point. As the game progresses, there will be more obstacles in your way, including a faster moving Flappy Bird as well as holes.

Flappy Bird is a lot harder than it looks and this little flying bird will soon get your heart pumping and your palms sweating! But don’t worry, Flappy Bird Cheat has you covered.

There are medals awarded in Flappy Bird if you get a high enough score. You earn a bronze if you get 10 points, a silver if you get 20 points, a gold if you get 30 and a platinum medal can be earned if you get higher than 40 points. While these scores sound low, know that Flappy Bird is challenging! Most users can’t get past a 4 or 5 in the game.

That’s why we’ve developed this site for you. We have all the cheats, guides, tips and hacks for Flappy Bird so that you can not only beat your high score but get all the medals too!